Monday 24 March 2014

And now for a little blood on the streets.

So due to my somewhat rampant love of all things converting and a rather timely campaign at my local Gee Dub store, I've gone and made myself a few warbands and have had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

My Norse band.
 There's a certain happiness that comes along with a FREAKING WEREWOLF!!!!! I love the idea of Wulfen, they're seen as crazy bastards, but revered at the same time. Kind of like a warning as to what can happen, but something they all REALLY want to achieve.

I'm actually a little confused about the ogre in the background, he looks a little too Tomb Kings to be hanging out with the Norse!
 There's my Jarl, Karl Karlson (though now it's Karl Karlson the third, he died A LOT!)

Also is my Tilean Marksman (just a quick FYI for anyone who isn't too familiar with Mordheim, GET A MARKSMAN! He just snipes people left right and centre.) and one of my berserkers, one of the Norse Dwarves. (An excuse to use that awesome new clam pack!)
I had a few great games with the North men, but they were followed by a few terrible ones, games that left my warband without leadership, furry friends and in the second case, one blind Berserker and one with only one arm left.


Played a few games this last weekend and even after a few really crappy losses, (due to my game play and terrible tactics, not my opponents, who are all great guys!!) Managed to get a few great shots during one game where we needed to capture a lost prince. The silly bugger runs in a random direction, often into the waiting arms of something that wants to eat/murder/torture him.

My Wulfen just wanted a hug and that Cold One is just trying to lick his face!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle this?

Though I haven't stopped there, I've thrown my hand at a few hired swords and put together some other guys for me to (hopefully) bring into a few games soon.

 There is a Witch Hunter completely single mini, Johann Van Hal, an Araby Pirate, though he is almost 100% High Elf Archer and a kit bashed Bounty Hunter.


Well that's me for the night everyone.

Methinks that a few more minis are on the cards, maybe a Priest of Morr, maybe Sigmar too.



  1. These are great. I'm sad that I missed out on the campaign. I've got some reiklanders that I really should get around to finishing...

    I really, really love the the Araby pirate. I think it maybe my favorite thing you've ever done :-)

  2. You get to play mordheim in a gw store? That's surprising.

    Great looking warband and really nice conversions