Sunday 13 September 2015

Chaos Dwarfs

The chaos dwarfs are done. Damn pleased how these turned out. Sadly, they are very hard to get a good picture of. 

The purple in the shades really makes the armour pop. The red runes add some extra interest on models that could have been too dark. 

Sargon The Magnificant. A more spiteful and vile creature can not be found anywhere in the Mortal Realms. 

AoS has meant that I don't need to do a whole army of these; they'll just slot into my existing Chaos army and support what I do going forward. 

Speaking of going forward. 
I've made a start on the core box's Blood Warriors. 

I'm going for the classic studio look for the red with the idea of dirtying it up after its all done. They are incredible models.


  1. The Dwarves look great. I much prefer the old-school chaos warrior Dwarves to the curly-beards that have taken over the CD name.

    The Blood Warriors look like they'll be fun to paint.

    1. Thanks, glad you like 'em. I'm super pleased with how they turned out and it's nice to hear someone else likes them too.

      I hate the silly curled bearded, tall-hatted CD too. I was suprised that swapping these guys heads for plastic chaos warrior ones gave them such an old-school look. They now remind me very much of the line drawings of CDs in the third edition army lists.

  2. Wow, super-nice brass armour on these dudes.
    Do you have a quick recipe you would share?

    1. Cheers, they were very fun to paint mainly because they were quick!

      The brass is: 2:3 tin bits: Balthasar gold. Then washed with Agrax Earthshade. Next dry brush with Balthasar gold (I stipples this onto the centre of the shield, top of the head and any big armour plates). Finally I did a sharp edge highlight of 1:1 Balthasar: runefang steel. There is also some verdigris with Nikilakh Oxide. Hope that helps.

    2. Oh, I forgot! With tha armour I also put a glaze of the old purple wash as a shade. I did a couple of coats over he top of it at the end and it made the armour really stand out.