Tuesday 25 June 2013

Paragons WIP

First the commissar undercoated and on the base. Happier with the laspistol. Next is the paint job. Not really sure about the tattoos. I was thinking an aquilla on his back and the words "For Emp Kil" but maybe some tribal swirls and such would be better.

Next is the WIP fallen knight turned galactic mercenary. I've been struggling with him for a while. 

The concept is that he was recruited into a mercenary band from a feudal world's warrior elite that held the imperial guard, and above all the space marines, as the chivalric ideal. However, what he has seen of the real imperium has left him disillusioned, and in his despair he as turned to drugs. I've been thinking of him as Sir Junkie.

 I was planning on adding some more detail to the head piece, a few grenades and perhaps a small shield on one of his shoulders.

What do you all think? I'd appreciate some opinions. There just seems to be something missing from him and I can't put my finger on it.



  1. (Re-post due to too many damn spelling mistakes)

    Loving the commissar, though i almost hope you make him really pale. Damn base coat is making me long for more 40k Irish sun tans!

    The knight is a great concept, though there is something missing from him. I dunno, maybe a shield over his shoulder?

  2. Yeah, the knight needs some bulking. Maybe some kind of shoulder mounted techno gubbins. I'll have a think and a play around. Suggestions welcomed.