Wednesday 5 December 2012

Davin Chi, Dark Mechanicus Techpriest Work in Progress

Yep, it's a terrible photo, and it's still very much a work in progress. This will be one of a trio of dark mechanicus techpriests for my secondary inquisimunda warband, dark mechanicus explorators.

The forgeworld psyker part was already half painted when I started converting, and also there's some additional work to done. The halberd looks better proportioned in person, trust me!

Anyway, this is Davin Chi, a techpriest addicted to chaos scrap code.

He was converted by Magos Al Tchuring, joining his hidden dark mechanicus cult. Together, they managed to hack into and overpower the warrior priest Secutor T'Chessla, who has since declared for the dark gods of his own accord (well, perhaps a little bit of extreme brainwashing and re-codifying occurred as well...)

Gathering with them a small band of cultists from their skitarii and forge menials, the trio of techpriests have set off for greater spoils and knowledge, no matter the cost. Well, no matter the cost to other people, I suppose...

Brutal Brunnus, Penal Legionnaire and Psychopath

Regis is glad that penal legion service includes the use of explosive collars. Even so, he'll still have to watch his back while Brunnus is alive.

Brutal Brunnus. After being sentenced to flogging for dereliction of duty, Brunnus decided instead to kill his way through 5 of his fellow guardsmen before being re-captured.

Only one thing halted his immediate execution, that being his reputation for extremely efficient violence, both on and off the battlefield. Regis' new commanding officer no doubt thought it amusing to include him in his penal legion unit, if simply to add some unnecessary additional danger to the task at hand.

Regis, the Disgraced

Sergeant-Commissar Regis

When his regimental commander was executed for questioning Ultramarine authority, Regis as regimental commissar was disgraced.

The force was reassigned, and the former commander's loyal officers, staff and sergeants were demoted, sentenced to penal legion service, or executed.

Regis was sentenced to command a penal legion unit, provided the necessary brevet rank of Sergeant-Commissar, and ordered to return respect and honour to the uniform.

This model will lead my penal legion kill team for upcoming Inquisimunda shenanigans. It's not a great pic, but hey, I'm sure no one minds. :)