Monday 24 March 2014

And now for a little blood on the streets.

So due to my somewhat rampant love of all things converting and a rather timely campaign at my local Gee Dub store, I've gone and made myself a few warbands and have had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

My Norse band.
 There's a certain happiness that comes along with a FREAKING WEREWOLF!!!!! I love the idea of Wulfen, they're seen as crazy bastards, but revered at the same time. Kind of like a warning as to what can happen, but something they all REALLY want to achieve.

I'm actually a little confused about the ogre in the background, he looks a little too Tomb Kings to be hanging out with the Norse!
 There's my Jarl, Karl Karlson (though now it's Karl Karlson the third, he died A LOT!)

Also is my Tilean Marksman (just a quick FYI for anyone who isn't too familiar with Mordheim, GET A MARKSMAN! He just snipes people left right and centre.) and one of my berserkers, one of the Norse Dwarves. (An excuse to use that awesome new clam pack!)
I had a few great games with the North men, but they were followed by a few terrible ones, games that left my warband without leadership, furry friends and in the second case, one blind Berserker and one with only one arm left.


Played a few games this last weekend and even after a few really crappy losses, (due to my game play and terrible tactics, not my opponents, who are all great guys!!) Managed to get a few great shots during one game where we needed to capture a lost prince. The silly bugger runs in a random direction, often into the waiting arms of something that wants to eat/murder/torture him.

My Wulfen just wanted a hug and that Cold One is just trying to lick his face!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle this?

Though I haven't stopped there, I've thrown my hand at a few hired swords and put together some other guys for me to (hopefully) bring into a few games soon.

 There is a Witch Hunter completely single mini, Johann Van Hal, an Araby Pirate, though he is almost 100% High Elf Archer and a kit bashed Bounty Hunter.


Well that's me for the night everyone.

Methinks that a few more minis are on the cards, maybe a Priest of Morr, maybe Sigmar too.


Thursday 20 March 2014

WIP: Centurion 2

Making progress. Almost done, just need to bake him, do a few details, his eyes and maybe a bad-arse scar and the jobs a good 'un. Maybe...

Coments and opinions are always welcome: you do these things in a vacuum and start focus on the tiny problems and then see the whole thing as shit. I think it's going ok ;-)

Monday 17 March 2014

WIP: Centurion and Legionnaire

Sometimes things just click and look right from the off. Other times not so much....

The last couple of weeks I've been wrestling with two models that I'm not all that happy with. Your opinions would be appreciated.

 First a Black Legionnaire that is too dark and has no life. Not sure what todo. Lighter loincloth thingo? More red? Less black?

 And then a late Roman republican centurion that is all kinds of "not quite right".