Wednesday 5 December 2012

Davin Chi, Dark Mechanicus Techpriest Work in Progress

Yep, it's a terrible photo, and it's still very much a work in progress. This will be one of a trio of dark mechanicus techpriests for my secondary inquisimunda warband, dark mechanicus explorators.

The forgeworld psyker part was already half painted when I started converting, and also there's some additional work to done. The halberd looks better proportioned in person, trust me!

Anyway, this is Davin Chi, a techpriest addicted to chaos scrap code.

He was converted by Magos Al Tchuring, joining his hidden dark mechanicus cult. Together, they managed to hack into and overpower the warrior priest Secutor T'Chessla, who has since declared for the dark gods of his own accord (well, perhaps a little bit of extreme brainwashing and re-codifying occurred as well...)

Gathering with them a small band of cultists from their skitarii and forge menials, the trio of techpriests have set off for greater spoils and knowledge, no matter the cost. Well, no matter the cost to other people, I suppose...

Brutal Brunnus, Penal Legionnaire and Psychopath

Regis is glad that penal legion service includes the use of explosive collars. Even so, he'll still have to watch his back while Brunnus is alive.

Brutal Brunnus. After being sentenced to flogging for dereliction of duty, Brunnus decided instead to kill his way through 5 of his fellow guardsmen before being re-captured.

Only one thing halted his immediate execution, that being his reputation for extremely efficient violence, both on and off the battlefield. Regis' new commanding officer no doubt thought it amusing to include him in his penal legion unit, if simply to add some unnecessary additional danger to the task at hand.

Regis, the Disgraced

Sergeant-Commissar Regis

When his regimental commander was executed for questioning Ultramarine authority, Regis as regimental commissar was disgraced.

The force was reassigned, and the former commander's loyal officers, staff and sergeants were demoted, sentenced to penal legion service, or executed.

Regis was sentenced to command a penal legion unit, provided the necessary brevet rank of Sergeant-Commissar, and ordered to return respect and honour to the uniform.

This model will lead my penal legion kill team for upcoming Inquisimunda shenanigans. It's not a great pic, but hey, I'm sure no one minds. :)

Monday 19 November 2012

Lord Artemis Drake, Nobleman and Buccaneer

Lord Artemis Drake

A nobleman with a penchant for hunting, he set off deep into the Tau empire with his trusted servants. Collecting many new skins for his collections, he and his crew were beset upon by a herd of Krootox until at last only Drake remained wounded unto death. It was at this moment that a Kroot shaper and his scouts emerged from the forest scaring off the Krootox. Seeing in Drake a kindred spirit, the Shaper, Kor'Vas, spared his life and took him back to camp. Under increasing pressure from the elders, Kor'Vas eventually fled with Drake under the cover of darkness to travel the stars and guns for hire, although the chance to hunt game is never far from Drake's mind. They now crew with void pirates out of Ydriss.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Master and Commander

Ship's Master Quintus Triarii: Captain of the Imperial Merchant-man Unquestionable he has been linked with a number of inquisitors and is a know supplier of xenos species for the fighting pits of Galatorne. In recent years his family's holdings across the sub-sector have expanded rapidly.

Sorry for the slightly crap photos. My old happy snapper isn't really up to this kind of thing and this is the best that I can do for now.

Monday 12 November 2012

Klein's Arrival

Steam condensed in dramatic coils from the humid air around the lander. Twenty paces away heat from its re-entry made Warden Torst’s skin prickle beneath his already uncomfortable dress-amour. 

Around him the rest of the honour-guard shifted restlessly. They thought they had better things to do and he couldn’t disagree. You can’t leave ten thousand of the sectors worst to their own devices for long and not expect some trouble. Once this pissant little duty was over there’d be more work than there should for everybody. Fights to break up, punishment to mete out and bodies to move. 

Stupid fucking inquisitors and their projects. Don’t they know I have a prison to run.

The lander’s ramp thudded open and Torst snapped to attention. Here we go, he thought. 

The inquisitor was the first out. All arrogance and gold amour. He stopped at the bottom of the ramp. “Who are you?” he said. Looking Torst up and down.

“Ah, Torst. Warden Torst.” 

“I see. I am Inquisitor Klein. You will call me my lord.”  There was a loud crash at the top of the ramp. “Is that clear?” said Klein.

“Yes.” Torst watched a huge crate start down the ramp followed by a hunched tech priest. Klein raised an eyebrow. “Err, my lord,” managed Torst a little late.

“Good.” Klein turned to the box. “Have your men help the magos biologis with the cargo and take it to the holding pens.” 

“Of course, my lord.”  Torst gestured to the other men on the landing pad.  “What’s in it?” Torst asked and instantly regretted it. 

The inquisitor didn’t turn to look at the warden. He watched the men shuffle the crate off the ramp.

“The future, warden.  All our futures.”

Friday 9 November 2012

In His name

Inquisitor Varro Klein: Veteran inquisitor and expert in non-human languages, particularly eldar standard and its dialects. Has spent most of the last hundred years studying and writing, and has only recently returned to active operations for unknown reasons. Feels that he must prove himself and his theories after so long on the sidelines.

Wednesday 7 November 2012


Beneath The Mire came out of a Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Nine of us played every Sunday night for a couple of months in our local GW store and after a while it just petered out. I think a few of us, who form the core of BtM, were left a little unsatisfied. We imagned that the campaign would lead to great stories of battlefield valour and mighty heroes but felt that the campaign rules were too much work and got in the way.

After the campaign was finished we voted to play Necromunda and it was great but we soon ran out of hobby to do around our gangs -- there are only so many gangers you can paint before it gets old.

Then someone found the =I=munda rules and the whole 40k universe opened up to us.

The plan now is just to play some games without a formal campaign system and explore the dark and crazy corners of the far future. Letting the developing stories and our hobby inclinations take us wherever.

The God-Emperor only knows where we'll end up.

-- Richard

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Here we go!

So here we are, on this blog and all.

So I have played around with a little bit of converting in the past, I feel that i am a very cut and paste converter, more of a kit basher than anything else. I've never been very good with green stuff, but im comfortable with filling gaps and spacing things out, but ive never been a sculptor.
Either way, heres my latest works and the first steps towards my Inquisimunda warband.

Inquisitor WIP

Ive given him interchangable shoulders, each with a different weapon layout. The first is his Power/Daemon sword, the second is a force weapon. The star in the middle of the weapon is being replaced with an Inquisitorial I. He is being built in a pose that alludes to him floating, his more lenient approach to the warp and the things it offers will be more apparent as i add more to his structure and base him.

Daemonhost WIP.

This is another rather simple addition, although still an ongoing one. The chains are greenstuffed to the wrists, neck and right leg. If i can only figure out how to make the bugger float id be a happy man!

Thats my input for tonight, stay smart folks, but remember....

The Inquisition is always watching.

Saturday 3 November 2012

Ongoing Conversions

 Acolyte (Lieutenant) Jarl Borsson: Silvanus' first acolyte, a disgraced Lieutenant from the 1st Ydrissian Grenadiers. Challenged his Captain to a duel for attacking civilians and was sentenced to 40 years indentured labour. Recruited by Silvanus as an enforcer, who saw in Borsson a like-minded soul.

Void Pirate: Corsair eldar, as yet unnamed and in need of right handed weapon.

Inquisitor Constantine Silvanus

Hailing from Terra, was recruited by the Ordo Malleus for vanquishing the Daemon Fae'Ryss during his service to the Cerulean Dragoons as a lieutenant. Now a full inquisitor, he has begun gathering the members of his warband.


In Colour

Brok Swifteye: Believes that Him-On-Terra personally intervened to save his soul on Yakerth Secondus as part of His ongoing plan. Came into inquisitorial service with a reputation as an Ork hunter.

Praetus Gorst: Former Cadian Imperial Guard colour-sergeant pressed back into service in the hope of freeing his wife and children from indentured Departmento Munitorum service at Kasr-Donets.

The Fun Stuff

The first of my converted Beneath The Mire miniatures:
 Some scum or warriors.

And an ordo xenos inquisitor.

I've wanted an excuse to make some stuff in the "blanchitsu" style for a while and this seems to be what I've been waiting for. I've even gone as far as making a few notes on Mr Blanche's painting style gleaned from posts online and from his White Dwarf articles. Sad really.

I'll put up some pictures of them painted soon.


A Begining...

Welcome to Beneath The Mire: Hobby First, Rules Last; another INQ28/=I=munda blog.

We are a small group of hobbyists from Melbourne, Australia, who plan on explore the mad, dark and seldom visited corners of the 41st millennium. Our intent is play some games of =I=munda (using these great rules but, to be honest, it is just an excuse to make whatever crazy conversions we want. Like the blog title says: hobby first, rules last.

-- Richard