Thursday 18 August 2016

Deathwatch - Thrax update.

Evening all.

There has been a bit of progress with Thrax, I hope you all enjoy.

A little bit more obvious who he is now.
The Heraldry is a little rough for my tastes, but I will clean it up when I get my next opportunity.
I see him as more of a War Hound than a brother of the XIIth legion.
But he is getting there, as are his brothers!

I also managed to get a little paint on Kerberos, as well as starting the final member of squad Brynjar.

I'm really liking the contrast between the red and the black/silver, though I have a feeling it will be overshadowed by the bronze of his shield. (When I get around to it!)

Brother Praedon, currently a one armed bandit. CANNOT wait to get my hands on the veterans box next week, I have about 300 uses for the collective bits! Praedon will either be enjoying the addition of a beautiful new storm shield, or maybe one of the stalker pattern bolters? Too many decisions!!

That's me for the night all, as always, any comments appreciated, even if they're mocking the tactical viability of one armed, non-headed space marines of the Sprue Grey chapter.

Monday 15 August 2016

In His name we purge! Deathwatch.

Good afternoon brothers, sisters, people who play Eldar and all those in between.

Today I am once again jumping on the glorious addiction that is the hobby bandwagon and have teamed up with a buddy to start a new Deathwatch force.

I intend for each of my fellas to tell a little story, for each of them to show that they all bring something unique to both their squads and the entire team.

So first and foremost, a few of my first marines, the brothers of Veteran Squad Brynjar.
See if you can guess the chapters and of course, any feedback is much appreciated.

Brother Kerberos

Brother Thrax, Black Shield of Squad Brynjar.

Thrax and Kerberos action shot! 

 Brother Rholes. (I foresee one of those shiny new Heavy Thunder Hammers right here!)

 Watch Sergeant Brynjar. (I'm waiting to buy the Veterans box before he gets another arm!)

And that's me for the night, next step, finish these 4, get them one more brother and PAINT!!

Until then, May The Emperor guide you all.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Well what do we have here? Setting the scene.

+++Transmission begins+++
+++REF: Atron II.+++
+++SEL: Journal - Atron City.+++

The planet is beautiful, truly a gift from Him on Earth.

I have been sent to Atron II by the order of my superiors to investigate rumors of excessive Xenos interaction and tech trading amongst the (and I use this term loosely) noble families of the planets ruling hive and the delegation from one of the more amicable rogue traders in the sector. It is my strictest understanding that there is another currently operating on planet, a fellow Ordos Xenos hopefully, this should allow us to combine our knowledge on the issues and provide a swift retribution to these heretics.

The daily bustle inside the city walls reflects highly of the ordered and strict enforcement of the ruling councils laws. Of the rumoured over-fraternisation with the trader and his alien allies, I have yet to see anything more than the typical diplomatic and trading issues. I have dispatched two of my agents into the spires and another pair into the workers precinct.

Though this planet is under Imperial law, the ruling council are the scions of the one-time pirate families that used the planet as a trading hub. Personally, I believe their guilt is guaranteed. Though further investigation will most assuredly prove this.

+++Thought for the day: His light is all. Damnation is eternal.+++

+++Transmission Ends+++

So it's been almost 3 months since my last log and what a waste of 3 months it has been.

I've got roughly 6 weeks to get 3000 points of cult ready for an Apoc game and what better motivation than the scorn of the entire internet?!?!

More will come with the weekend, but there's a few bits I'm working on at the moment.
Including a rather angry young man with a fascinating view on inter species relations.

Until then ladies and lads.

The family loves me, the family cares for me.
Four arms. Four arms. Four arms of freedom.

Saturday 16 April 2016

I'm not bald, I'm a hybrid.

I knew it would happen, I got sucked in by the new fancy release and now I have started ANOTHER army.

Though I have done myself a tiny favour and have give myself a whole 8 months to get this baby sorted.

So here are a few WIPs and there are plenty more coming.

First up are my 1st squad veterans, these cheerful lads are the epitome of genetic perfection, their leader on the other hand(s) earned his position by killing all who stood in his way, I can only assume it was messy.


Next up, a platoon command squad, the beginnings of one at least, though every time i get it up to the full numbers, I decide that one of the members would be better in another squad, or on the back of a vehicle.
I guess I just have to keep making hybrids!
Guest appearances by the command elements of the Overkill box with a CCS veteran, the unarmed (yeah, pun intended) veteran sergeant and a commissar who must have a head wound, I cannot imagine why he's shooting in the other direction.

Last but not least, A fella I'm calling The Agreeva.
A mech improved, tech infused weapon of mass punishment, in game he's gonna be run as a Commissar.

Now, just because I have spent the last few hours smoothing out the ass of this next one, I am really excited to show him off.

That's it from me for the night.
I have a need to build the cult, almost as if there's a voice telling me to reinforce....

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Space Punk or Inq28 Henchman Sculpt

Been busy working away on another sculpt since the last post. And played an AoS game. And been thinking about painting styles. I can show pictures of the first two but nothing has coalesced into coherent thoughts for the last yet. 

So pictures; 
The armature for the latest model. 

The base putty. 

Blocking out the legs. 

Upper body and gun. Kinda rough here. 

With a face now. 

Ah, now for the getting of cool and the 40k vibe. Visor and first shoulder pad. I'm pleased with the pads. They look like something straight out of the Inquisitor rule book. 

And this is where I was at with him as of last night. He just needs a bake before doing the hands and a few other small details. 

Now a couple of in game pictures. Many of you may not like AoS but I'm enjoying it. 
I played Dean's orcs and goblins using one of the South Coast GT scenarios and managed to pull a draw from certain victory with one bad roll. Sigh. Such is life. 

This is now happening: 

And finally a quick size comparison for Kraut Scientist: