Monday 26 January 2015

First Son

The first of the Fabled Son cultists.

I don't know how he eats either. Or shoots with any accuracy, for that matter

Again, not great photos. I need a better camer and the time to use it! It gives you a feel at least.

I can't say I'm all that happy. He's missing something. Something to make him pop. Or I could be trying too hard for something that he doesn't need, him being nothing more than a low-level cultist. I think I'll put him aside for a while and see what comes to me. Suggestions welcome.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Back On The Inq28 Horse

I've been threatening this for awhile but these are the first few models of my chaos cult, the Fabled Son, that I'm happy with. 

These fellows a low-level cultists recruited directly from the gubernatorial guard. 

Not entirely sure what this is but it's cute. Like a cross between R2-D2 and a T-1000.  

And a heavy hitter for the cult. 

Last weekend also saw my first game of SAGA. 
Here my Normans are about to deliver the coup de grace to Dean's Anglo-Danes. It's a great game that seems simple but has a heap of depth once you get into it. The next game has already been scheduled for next month. 

Dean's warlord very nearly dealt with these four knights before their numbers were able to tell. 

Wednesday 7 January 2015

More LoC

It has been TOO DAMN LONG!!

With all the festivities of the last few weeks, that awful build up at work and the everyday pressure of "real life" interrupting my hobby time. UGH!!

But without the distractions like that, what's the point of the glory that is the hobby eh?

I have had a few AWESOME events this season, with a pack of my fellow hobby brethren taking part in a bit of a secret nerd Santa event and trading a few select bits and another group of us putting a bit of a kink in each others hobby and buying a random box for the other person, I have been BLESSED by the True Gods in my bounty.
Not only did I get the B-E-A-UTIFUL Pestigor you see below, I also received an awesome supply of Nurglings (the OOP metal buggers), a pair of Ungors (also OOP metal) a Beastmen Battalion (Just what an up and coming Wargor needs) as well as a heap of miscellaneous bits and pieces. Including a NEW IN BLISTER Mordheim Freelance Knight!!!!!!! (That is well deserving of all those exclamation points!)

In the meantime, I have managed a tiny bit of hobby time and have managed to get together a group of warriors, a sorcerer lord, a unit of Ungor Raiders AND even start a Nurgle Centigor. I call him Pesticent.

This first pair is the only blokes from these units that I have started putting some paint on, the first being probably the most converted model in GW history, the ever popular Nurgle Champion. The second will be one of the leaders of the Beastmen faction of my final army, a lovely lvl 2 Bray Shaman.

The Champion is clearly far too clean to be repping the love of Pappa N, but I can assure all of my filthy brothers and sisters, HE WILL BE DISGUSTING! 

The Warriors unit below is the start of the Nurgle half of my list. They are of course made in my ongoing theme of all the weapons and gear possible, with WoC, Beastmen and even a pair of Daemons in there for good luck. The rather tall chap in front is the wip Sorcerer Lord, of course made using a few left over parts from the Maggoth Lord kit.

This group has to be one of my favorite units so far. I honestly love the Legions of Chaos rules mainly cause I get to take a ranged unit that isn't a hellcannon. And COME ON!!! Ungors are hilarious, they're basically angry goat puppies with the pack mentality of girls in a club bathroom, they hate EVERYONE!
I decided to have a little fun with this unit, making up a little story for them, basically they managed to get the drop on a witch hunter and his cronies a while back and have taken up his cause for themselves. the banner up back (even though raiders cannot take a banner) will be painted up with some very Empire themes, messed on up and then beastified. My favorite part of this unit is the champion, I did my best to sculpt a little witch hunter hat for him and I think the twin pistols make him think he is rather intimidating.

Last, but not least, the start to my Pesticent. There is a lot of work to go on him still, he needs armor, to lose the saddle, a hell of a lot more disease and not to mention a Nurgling or two! This guy will be one of a 10 strong group of Chaos Knights with the Mark of Nurgle. I just freaking love Centigors, even if their rules do suck a lot.

I have a hobby day planned with some mates this weekend, so i hoping to get at least my Khorne warriors unit finished, but I also have a Wargor BSB, a Khorne Lord (something VERY special planned for him) and 9 more knights at least built before I can have a game or two with these bad boys.

Well that's it from me. Thanks for checking out my stuff and I look forward to churning through some more when I get the chance.

Remember, The Grandfather loves you and proves it by rotting you slowly and making sure you kill everything around you.

Servitor 755