Saturday 16 April 2016

I'm not bald, I'm a hybrid.

I knew it would happen, I got sucked in by the new fancy release and now I have started ANOTHER army.

Though I have done myself a tiny favour and have give myself a whole 8 months to get this baby sorted.

So here are a few WIPs and there are plenty more coming.

First up are my 1st squad veterans, these cheerful lads are the epitome of genetic perfection, their leader on the other hand(s) earned his position by killing all who stood in his way, I can only assume it was messy.


Next up, a platoon command squad, the beginnings of one at least, though every time i get it up to the full numbers, I decide that one of the members would be better in another squad, or on the back of a vehicle.
I guess I just have to keep making hybrids!
Guest appearances by the command elements of the Overkill box with a CCS veteran, the unarmed (yeah, pun intended) veteran sergeant and a commissar who must have a head wound, I cannot imagine why he's shooting in the other direction.

Last but not least, A fella I'm calling The Agreeva.
A mech improved, tech infused weapon of mass punishment, in game he's gonna be run as a Commissar.

Now, just because I have spent the last few hours smoothing out the ass of this next one, I am really excited to show him off.

That's it from me for the night.
I have a need to build the cult, almost as if there's a voice telling me to reinforce....



    I've said it once but I say it again, theses are outstanding.

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  3. Excellent work on these guys, and some very cool hybrid concepts that go beyond the stock models by GW! The DV cultist champ-based model and robo-stealer are probably my favourites. And the counts as commissar would also work really well in a Traitor Guard army.

    Great work all around! :)