Wednesday 26 June 2013

Three is company.

Greetings citizens!
How do we all feel this evening?

So it has been a rather dramatic night in Australian politics and the mood in our fair country is somewhat more "not caring at all" than usual.
Though this isnt really a new feeling, as our political climate is something of an active annoyance, rather than something people really notice.

So despite my own self righteous belief that everyone hangs off my every word, lets get to what you're all here to see, HOBBY!

After the drones recent efforts, I have been jumpstarted in my actions and thrown together the start of a few new crew for my additions to our (hopefully up and coming) games.

I call these 3, The Attitude, The Addict and The Animal.

First up, The Addict.

This guy is the start of what i want to show as a Savlar Chem Dogs sniper, a story for him includes rampant drug use (something those sneaky Savlars excell at!), a chaos incursion, a church full of pious Imperial Citizens and a whole mess of cannibalism!

A little unsure what to throw into his (soon to be present) left arm, but he also needs something in that holster, so I'll have to get a gun in there.

Next up, The Animal.

Imperial Beastmen is a concept that I absolutely LOVE! These poor bastard, given no choice to their genetic makeup, loyal to The Imperium and The throne, but cursed by their appearance.
I always wanted to throw together a crew of them, the thought of them spilling the blood of His enemies in repayment of theirs being tainted...

By the gods, it brings a tear to my eye!

I had to slice up an Ungor for this guy, the original model had the cutest little potbelly, this was something that had to be reproduced! So he got about half a centimetre taller and the belly got greened up!

Im tempted to give him a stubby little tail, almost like a goats. Hahaha, GOATMAN!!!

Last up, The Attitude.

 Everyones favorite conversion piece for the last few months, the cultist leader.
Mine got a little mixed up in transit through the warp, the silly bugger thinks hes a Mordian Sergent!
But thats okay, I slapped a uniform on him and am puting him to work against his former comrades!

Im thinking i might put this one forward as the second in command for my band, though I must admit, I am still a little confused as to what sort of crew they will be.

Till next time kids.

Stay safe, stay clean, stay the hell away from Commoragh!

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Paragons WIP

First the commissar undercoated and on the base. Happier with the laspistol. Next is the paint job. Not really sure about the tattoos. I was thinking an aquilla on his back and the words "For Emp Kil" but maybe some tribal swirls and such would be better.

Next is the WIP fallen knight turned galactic mercenary. I've been struggling with him for a while. 

The concept is that he was recruited into a mercenary band from a feudal world's warrior elite that held the imperial guard, and above all the space marines, as the chivalric ideal. However, what he has seen of the real imperium has left him disillusioned, and in his despair he as turned to drugs. I've been thinking of him as Sir Junkie.

 I was planning on adding some more detail to the head piece, a few grenades and perhaps a small shield on one of his shoulders.

What do you all think? I'd appreciate some opinions. There just seems to be something missing from him and I can't put my finger on it.


Saturday 22 June 2013

(not) 40k Art

Some non-Warhammer 40,000 art inspiration.

First a compatriot, Ashley Wood. All three pictures are from his World War Robot art books.

The link is a little NSFW

Second is John Dyer Baizley. I first came across his stuff through his band Baroness and now love his art as much as his music. He writes and plays the music, with the rest of the band, as well as doing the album covers. He is heavy metal's renaissance man.

Also a little NSFW

Hope you take something from these. Comments are always welcome and if you know some other not 40k art I'd love to see it.

 I promise to post some toy soldiers soon.


Sunday 2 June 2013

Fallen Paragons

One of the things I want to try to do with this =I=munda stuff is make models that look like they fit the dark 40k universe. The imperium of man isn’t a shinny, hi-tech future utopia, however, sometimes my miniatures can look like that’s where they come from. It's in part because I see, and want for my own, the ‘eavy Metal models painted with hyper-fine edge highlights and perfectly shaded block colours (understandably so, as this is the best way to show off new miniatures and generate sales). And because I am drawn to the mighty heroes – and villains – of the universe who are often best represented by clean lines and shining amour. My Imperial Fists are a good example of this.

Sergeant Glaucon wears yellow so that his enemies can see him coming and begin to fear him

The next few miniatures that I plan to make will be loosely linked with the idea of ‘fallen paragons’. These will be heroic 40k archetypes who are slowly sinking beneath the mire of the grim darkness. Dirty, grimey, a little mad and no longer conventional codex heroes.   

This commissar is the first in the series. He has been attached to a feral world regiment and has begun to go “native”. The only things that still mark him as a commissar are his cap and some dog tags. I plan on using the same painting techniques that I used on Klein and the Penitent and tattoos to show his emerging feral side. We'll see how it turns out.
The hat and dogtags are sculpted from Procreate and the chainsword is from the GW commissar with plasma pistol.

Bulging neck muscles hide the join

The commissar with the 'donor' miniature

I've also plans for an ancient Imperial Governor torn from his palace and thoroughly confused by the process, a feudal knight turned galactic mercenary and a broken-down space marine. These ideas are still developing.
Also, I found a couple more things in the collection that will be great for more narrative games: