Tuesday 29 October 2013

Update on the muddied ruins.

Nothing too big, just a quick photo update from me today.
Gone and started the paint job and I tell you what, Army Painter leather brown is BRILLIANT for a muddy base.
Not to mention I was able to spray a base coat on a squad of Beastmen Gors at the same time!

It was pretty simple for me here, a black base coat over the whole lot, the leather brown over the muddy aresa and a really thinned down coat of Codex Grey over the building.
The mud received a drybrush of the GW ochre and then followed by a thick drybrush of bleached bone.

The building itself got a thick drybrush of Administratum Grey and then a 50/50 mix of Administratum grey and skull white.
A quick layer of blood red on the Mechanicus cogs and some skull white and leadbelcher on the skull itself. I'll deal with those fiddly wires and details this week.
I also picked out the rubble on the ground with a few quick dabs of the greys, but they all need a lot more work.

But the worst thing about all of this? I snapped the damn sigh I had in the "courtyard" and a bloody Ork is running around....

I named him Larry.

Hope y'all enjoy the update!

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Sunday 27 October 2013

Building a battleground. For the glory of The Mire.

Whats going on guys and gals?

I have recently got my butt back into gear and started digging away at the mass of delicious terrain bits and bobs that I have accumulated over the last decade or so of my hobby career and have decided to revive an old project idea of mine that got thrown onto the backburner a while ago.

It all started when some buddies and I got involved with a Necromunda campaign. Now anyone who has played this glorious specialist game before knows just how much of an emotional rollercoaster this game can be. I remember the legitimate fear i felt when I had to roll injuries, the true heartache of losing my first ganger to overwhelming gunfire from an evil pack of Escher and the utter horror I felt when I lost my favorite heavy to the monster in the dark. ( I mean COME ON!!! I had to roll 6 and then 6, that's RIDICULOUS!!)

But the thing I loved most about the campaign was the tables we had set up, I mean it was ALL TERRAIN! The bridges, the barricades and hiding places, by the gods it was glorious.
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Look at them, lots of fun terrain right there, but the thing that killed me, none of the stuff that is painted is mine. EL TERRIBLE! Just say that in a bad Spanish accent and you'll know how I felt.

So I have pulled out my bits and sourced as much advice as I can, either via mates in the hobby, some of the awesome plogs on the net and various websites, not to mention the AMAZING work by some of the INQ28 guys throughout the world. 

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Thats what I am working with at the moment, I gotta admit, it's a lot of inspiration and heartache, but I gotta get through it.

So here is the plan, I wanna get a 4x4 table done by the end of this. For Necromunda and a bit of INQ28 if I me and the boys get the chance. It could probably work for 40k, but I'm not expecting that vehicles would have a very easy time getting around the table in my mind. I plan on doing it 1x1 at a time, a buddy of mine cut up a mess of MDF panels for me, and these things are EXACT!

SO here is a few shots of the piece I have started so far, it's not too much at the moment, but give it a lick of paint and a wash here and there and I reckon I might have something I can play with!
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So any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope to get some action regarding the painting of this bad boy soon!

Thanks guys.

If I were my girlfriend, I would hate my hobby too.

By the power of Greyskull, it has been far too darn long since I have had a chance to slap some plastic together and even longer since i last painted anything.


After crying myself to sleep for several hours after seeing the work coming out of Beneath The Mires very own Drone, I have finally gotten my butt into something that almost looked like a gear and made up a Feral Ork buddy for old Captain Dakka!

 So there is a bunch left to do on him, the layering and highlights for example, but hes a good start for me.

I'm not a very motivated painter, but when i get in a mood like I am now, I can churn out a model a day to a tournament standard.
I got this guy done in a few hours, but I have to do his base still, its sitting on my warzone like desk at the moment, as I am using it to balance a rather delicate warshrine for my Warriors Of Chaos army.

I'm tempted to give him Warpaint and the like, I'm thinking a crude snake and dagger motif, those Snakebite tattoos from the old school Rogue Trader books really excite me.

So that's it from me for the night, it's 2:32 am and I have a feeling that I'm supposed to do something in the morning with my poor girlfriend who has had to put up with me muttering to myself about how the hell I paint bone. I know it has something to do with earthshade and Deneb stone. 

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Endings And Beginnings

This is Klein's whole warband poised and ready for action.

This may be the only time any dice are rolled around these models! :-)
This marks a bit of an end for this blog. Klein's warband is done and although I have plans for a couple more models and plenty more ideas, I think I'm done with Klein and his boys for now. So, I'm going to start posting more of my general hobby here.

I am very happy with how the warband turned out. They have that dark future feel and I'd like to think that thay are an ok emulation of the few John Blanche miniatures that I've been luck enough to see in real life. And I've learned how to make my stuff more grim-dark. 

This is not to say there won't be more Inq28 stuff. For example this the last miniature that I finished.

I'll just not be focusing on it as much. Expect to see stuff for my armies, stuff that I've been meaning to paint for years, some terrain, some sculpting and maybe some non-GW stuff. I hope this is ok.

Monday 14 October 2013

Commissar Skulthorpe

An expert in inter-tribal and ritual warfare Commissar Skulthorpe has had a long association with the Holy Ordos Xenos in matters involving the orks and other primitive alien races. His reputation was made with a series postings to newly recruited feral guard regiments where his methods of assimilation with the tribal structures and traditions before introducing the Imperial Creed proved very effective. He is however dogged by rumours of ritual cannibalism and involvement in blood sacrifices.

So he is all pained, varnished and sitting on the shelf with the rest of the band. Sorry about the poor photos: I'll try to get some better ones with the rest of Klein's retinue soon.

I can't say I'm all that pleased with him. I'd hoped that once he was painted that would help like it did with Sir K. Perhaps I've stretched the commissar archetype too far. Maybe a storm coat would have helped.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Fallen Knight Paragon

Know now only as "Sir Ketamine" Odo de Gatton was once a full member of the Inner House Knights on the feudal world of Esperence who worshiped the "sky warriors" as the perfect chivalric ideal. He was recruted into an off world mercenary army and eventually saw the "sky warriors" in the form of the Flesh Tearers space marines on Gideon IV. However, far from being inspired by the them he was driven into a spiral of depression and substance abuse by their brutal actions.

De Gatton has recently been seen in the retinue of Inquisitor Klein. What the inquisitor wants with a drug addict is anyone's guess.

The knight only took a few nights to paint and I'm much happier with him now that he's got some colour. I particularly pleased with the armour and the patina that I was able to get on it by using Windsor & Newton Nut Brown ink. It's just the right kind of grimy. I feel like I'm starting to get a handle on this "grim dark" thing. :-)