Wednesday 24 February 2016

In The Navy

So real life has been very busy again and as a result my hobby time has been restricted. I have made some progress but it never seems like enough. Though, even if I was hobbying full time it would still never be enough. There are just too many things I'd like to do and make. It not a bad problem to have really.   

The Rogue Trader trooper is completed, and next to the '80s plastic looks pretty great, if I do say so myself. If I were to make it again I'd add more small details like pockets, techno gubbins and badges for extra visual interest. And I'd make him beefier. Next to the old trooper he looks thin and weedy and while you could argue the new one is more realistically proportioned it is not the GW style that I was going for. 

On to the next sculpt now with some WIPs. 

And here he is as of last night. 
Ready for the first bake before I start adding details like rank badges, lanyards and the like. I know I said that it would be a Rogue Trader but I was seduced by Jes Goodwin's Imperial Navy crew sketches. He feels like art from Batllefleet Gothic so I am well pleased. 

Oh, and how about those Deathwatch and 'Stealer hybrids. WOW!!

Monday 1 February 2016

Imperial Trooper Finished

Not much to say really. 
He is done bar baking and eyes. I think that he may be too simple, that there isn't enough detail to make for a interesting miniature. I suspect with a good paint job that would change, but it's a lesson for the future. 

And I've started on the next one too. At this point I'm thinking it will be an arrogant rogue trader. This subject to change however. Suggestions always welcome. 

I took some time off sculpting last week to refurbish some old terrain and also flock a new 6'x4'

I have also been playing around with camera settings again. Not bad, IMO.  ;-)