Monday 1 February 2016

Imperial Trooper Finished

Not much to say really. 
He is done bar baking and eyes. I think that he may be too simple, that there isn't enough detail to make for a interesting miniature. I suspect with a good paint job that would change, but it's a lesson for the future. 

And I've started on the next one too. At this point I'm thinking it will be an arrogant rogue trader. This subject to change however. Suggestions always welcome. 

I took some time off sculpting last week to refurbish some old terrain and also flock a new 6'x4'

I have also been playing around with camera settings again. Not bad, IMO.  ;-)


  1. I think he is quite nice, although I recall the chest roundel as being larger on the imperial figures.

    1. Thanks. I think it was bigger but I was trying not to unbalance he chest too much. The concept pictures from RT have a skull-headed eagle instead of badge and the eagle is about the same size as my badge. If I were to do the model again I'd give him chest armour and a bigger badge built into it.