Wednesday 6 July 2016

Well what do we have here? Setting the scene.

+++Transmission begins+++
+++REF: Atron II.+++
+++SEL: Journal - Atron City.+++

The planet is beautiful, truly a gift from Him on Earth.

I have been sent to Atron II by the order of my superiors to investigate rumors of excessive Xenos interaction and tech trading amongst the (and I use this term loosely) noble families of the planets ruling hive and the delegation from one of the more amicable rogue traders in the sector. It is my strictest understanding that there is another currently operating on planet, a fellow Ordos Xenos hopefully, this should allow us to combine our knowledge on the issues and provide a swift retribution to these heretics.

The daily bustle inside the city walls reflects highly of the ordered and strict enforcement of the ruling councils laws. Of the rumoured over-fraternisation with the trader and his alien allies, I have yet to see anything more than the typical diplomatic and trading issues. I have dispatched two of my agents into the spires and another pair into the workers precinct.

Though this planet is under Imperial law, the ruling council are the scions of the one-time pirate families that used the planet as a trading hub. Personally, I believe their guilt is guaranteed. Though further investigation will most assuredly prove this.

+++Thought for the day: His light is all. Damnation is eternal.+++

+++Transmission Ends+++

So it's been almost 3 months since my last log and what a waste of 3 months it has been.

I've got roughly 6 weeks to get 3000 points of cult ready for an Apoc game and what better motivation than the scorn of the entire internet?!?!

More will come with the weekend, but there's a few bits I'm working on at the moment.
Including a rather angry young man with a fascinating view on inter species relations.

Until then ladies and lads.

The family loves me, the family cares for me.
Four arms. Four arms. Four arms of freedom.