Tuesday 14 October 2014

The End Times. A WoC log.

Greetings all.

With the apparent end of The Old world fast approaching, my mind has happily flung my attentions back to the glory that is "The Beautiful Game" and has had me finally stop flirting with my true love.


So my original plan was to do something I had never really done before, a chaos army that stays away from the super fun that is small squads of elite troops, taken from every god and do a mono Khorne army.... That lasted about 34 seconds into my seeing the new BlightKings and as I am going on holiday to the wonderful U.S of A in a few weeks, you can bet I'll be coming home with a bag full of those! Seeing as they're damn near half price compared to what we pay here in Australia!

So here is the start of my Khorne contingent. My main block of warriors/Chosen.

I'm a massive fan of the mixed weapons and gear with chaos armies, I mean who in their right mind is going to tell an eight foot tall, three foot wide armor plated killing machine that his unit is supposed to have a sword and shield and he has to leave that ten foot pike at home? Not me! Plus, I feel that depending on how I want to equip them, I simply fill the front rank with the mini with the required equipment. EASY!

The idea behind this unit, is that they are champions who have fallen in battle against the enemies of Khorne, he claimed their souls, unleashing them upon his enemies when his champions needed the aid of the best he had. I plan on getting the B-E-A-UTIFUL Valkia model to kick some butt with these guys, but I'm not allowing myself to get her before I have painted these blokes.

Speaking of painting, here is a quick picture of how my color scheme and bases will look on these.

I want them to be marching towards battle down a cobblestoned road, could be in The Empire, could be outside Hag Graef, could be anywhere! (Though since a mate of mine has started Dark elves, methinks a few of their corpses on some of the larger models could point to where they really are.

Well that's enough for me for now. I will keep y'all posted on my progress.

And in theme with today's post....


Elric, The Emperor Of Melnibone

This came in the post yesterday. 

It's short but beautiful. And feels like a faithful rendering of Moorcock's classic character - decadent, sardonic, bored and casually evil. 

With Moorcock's books (particularly the Elric and Hawkmoon novels) being the basis of so much in the 40k and WFB universes this is almost required reading. It in places feels like a different visual take on Commagrah or Naggarorh. 

I'll be getting the second volume when it's released in English in a few months. 

Wednesday 8 October 2014

A Growing Coven

Two members does not a coven make, but it is getting there. My plan is to do four like these and then three or four more mutated members. 

Sometimes things just work and it feels like it's no effort to make something new and cool. Putting together this model was one of those times. I need to neaten up some sculpting around the head and he's done. 

And the first cultist is also all but done. 

Finally, both together with a friend. 

Friday 3 October 2014


A very quick mock up of a chaos cultist. Needs more ripped cloth and perhaps a different, cruder sword. I'll need to work out a way if giving a couple of them rifle-type weapons too.

What do you think? Too dark eldar?

Thursday 2 October 2014

And Done

This is finished now. I've more on the sprue and for the time being they will stay  there. Maybe one day the rest will get painted and joined by an old Rhino. Maybe.
So onto the chaos cult I guess. My idea is Rasputin in space. A chaos mystic who has set up a coven in an imperial governors household. I just have to start hunting up bits. First I'll start in some henchmen that I think I have all I need to do.