Tuesday 30 December 2014

The Silly Season

Wow, five weeks. That went quick. I've been busy at work and, of course, we've had Christmas in that time so there hasn't been as much hobby as I would have liked but here is what I've been up too. 

The four points of SAGA Normans are all done and awaiting a game in January. 

I'm happy with the way the turned out given the very little effort that I put into them. They are just base colours with Army Painter over the whole lot and highlighted back. Easy!

I picked up William the Bastard too. Not sure I'll ever use him in a game, depends on how seriously we play it I guess. 

Right now I'm working on a new 8x4 games table that I can fold to 4x4 and pack away under the house. All my old high school wood work classes have finally come in handy. 

 Yeah, that carpet has to go. And soon. It also smells. The joys of buying a house to renovate...

Oh, and I got a new desk lamp after the old one died. 

That's about it. Not sure what is next. Maybe Epic again or those Inq28 cultists, though to be honest I'm intimidated by them. I see the amazing stuff in Warhammer: Visions or on the Ammo
Bunker forums and think "holy heck, I can't do that". I did start this stuff with the idea of pushing my painting in new directions so perhaps I should just get on with it!