Thursday 10 January 2013

The "Major"

Few people are better suited to constant war than "Major" Torsten Kurst. Seeming born to armed conflict, he came to Inquisitor Klein's notice, and eventually service, as the brutal teenaged leader of the Order of the Broken Nose, a mercenary warband fighting for the highest bidder in the Scripture Wars on Hamlin.

This model is really a copy of Migsala's great legion operatives over at Legion of Plastic. (

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Better Pictures

I have a nice new camera so these are much better pics. More soon. Maybe in some terrain for context ;-)

I'm really pleased with the feel of Klein and the Penitent, they have a bit of the 'Blanche' madness that I wanted but don't quite go far enough. I need to be bolder and just make 'em nuts.

I'm thinking a imperial navy/ rogue trader boarding party next.

Saturday 5 January 2013

The Penitent

"Only in pain is His will evident"

The Penitent was a admistrutum scribe until he was called by divine inspiration into the Emperors service. He voluntarily undertook a series of enhancements including a psyco-booster and hard-wired relic powerfist. In battle he is a frenzied whirlwind but at all other times he sobs quiet prayers.

Is this picture better? New camera :-)