Thursday 11 April 2013

Taller, wider, ork...Er?

Not a big one at the moment, but a bit of an update on the kaptin and a few comparison shots of him with other orks. The first being the AOBR Warboss, the second is a standard Nob. (Which he is based off.)

He's well mighty.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

What I've been up to

Sculpting this Empire captain and painting a few bits and pieces that have been on the desk for too long is all. Sorry not much of an up-date but its all I've got. Next on the list are some new daemons that I plan to do all Blanche style. Whatever that is.

Also, played a game of 40k. Here my Imperial Fists are about to get mauled by some eldar. It's ok: we had BBQ later in the day and all was forgotten.

Upgrade! Orkgrade! Upgrork?

A distracted servitor is a silly servitor. So when I get distracted, I get really silly.

And what is sillier than an Ork pirate?
An Ork pirate with a robo leg!!

Comparing the Kaptin to a few other bits I had on the desk, I decided on a few things that were bugging me about him.
I thought he was too short, any self respecting Nob would be at least head and shoulders taller than your average boy and the boss has gotta be even bigger still!

So lopping off his legs and taking to my collection of plastic do-whats, I threw together my first mechanical conversion. I don't think it came out too bad, it's a little rough at the moment, but in a little bit I think I'll Ork up the joints and the knee a little.

The arms snapped straight off, (thanks super glue!) so ill bulk out the shoulders and the joints, ill pin them too, allowing for easy weapon swaps and multi layout for in campaigns.

But that's a bit away for the moment, I've got ogres to paint!

Thursday 4 April 2013

So after a fairly long time away from 40K, whilst painting some Fantasy ogres (oddly enough with an Orc theme!) I was playing with a Freebooter that i had started a while back.
I forsee a rather eclectic mix of boys following this one around.And I have to admit, the idea of a caffeine free ork thrills me!

So without any further chatting, may I present......

Kaptin "Dakka"  Rotfangz

The kaptin spat a wad of thick phlegm onto the dying Kroot ganger. The avian creature bleeding heavily from the jagged wounds in what remained of his chest. Wiping his mouth with the back of his power claw, the Ork chuckled to himself, his newly acquired weapon was worth the teef he paid for it. He might even thank old Rizbug for donating them.

Kaptin Rotfangz is the leader and captain of the Dread Skull Commandos, a Freebooter tribe based in the Eastern Fringe. His motley crew of killers and mercenaries happy to sell their services to the highest bidder, be they Ork or otherwise.

Though it is suspected he may have once been of the Goff clan due to his stringent rules and demands for discipline, whatever loyalty he once had to them is now replaced by a firm belief in his own superiority and desire to lead.