Tuesday 9 April 2013

Upgrade! Orkgrade! Upgrork?

A distracted servitor is a silly servitor. So when I get distracted, I get really silly.

And what is sillier than an Ork pirate?
An Ork pirate with a robo leg!!

Comparing the Kaptin to a few other bits I had on the desk, I decided on a few things that were bugging me about him.
I thought he was too short, any self respecting Nob would be at least head and shoulders taller than your average boy and the boss has gotta be even bigger still!

So lopping off his legs and taking to my collection of plastic do-whats, I threw together my first mechanical conversion. I don't think it came out too bad, it's a little rough at the moment, but in a little bit I think I'll Ork up the joints and the knee a little.

The arms snapped straight off, (thanks super glue!) so ill bulk out the shoulders and the joints, ill pin them too, allowing for easy weapon swaps and multi layout for in campaigns.

But that's a bit away for the moment, I've got ogres to paint!


  1. Needs a bigger foot or something. It seems a bit slight for ork tech. It needs to be industrial.

  2. Yeah, my plan is to slap together a real Orky claw (think Zagstruck) to have connected to the ankle there.