Tuesday 25 February 2014

Belegar Ironhammer

I've got a Dwarf army. They have always been my favorite fantasy army so the last few weeks have been good for me. This is the first addition to the throng.

Belegar Ironhammer in all his glory

It's a great little (pun!) model with plenty of conversion potential as the shield and head are separate and the body has all the detail under his beard. I'm thinking some hammers and a gyrobomber would be nice too but they may not be the next project. Stay tuned for my plans :-)


Sunday 16 February 2014

Brave New... Errr, Desk

Not much of a post, I'm afraid. Just a bit of an up-date to where I'm at.

I was out early this morning to pick this old roll top desk up and sat down a did a little painting at it tonight. For the last year I've been relegated to hobbying in the the back room but with this new set up I'm back with the rest of the family. I hope that I won't feel as guilty spending all my nights toy-soldiering now. I hope.

The last few weeks it's either been too hot or I've been too tired to get anything much done. Last week I started on the wonderful new Belegar Ironhammer and I should have him done by the end of this week. Pictures soon thereafter. It's nice to add such a great model to my old dwarf army.

Not exactly sure what after that. I've some more terrain that needs to be done and I'm beginning to think about starting on a full sized army again. Oh, and there is the new Imperial Knight kit. WOW!

Like I said: not much of a post. Sorry.