Friday 3 October 2014


A very quick mock up of a chaos cultist. Needs more ripped cloth and perhaps a different, cruder sword. I'll need to work out a way if giving a couple of them rifle-type weapons too.

What do you think? Too dark eldar?


  1. I like him,I reckon he would look good with a small back banner/chaosy icon. One thing though, the head ring seems a bit Tellytubbish, although I guess they could go that way if you want them to be really scary. :p

    1. You don't find Teletubbies terrifying?

      Yeah, the ring needs to go. I like the idea of a banner or something, it feels like it needs something techno and/or angular to make him more human and less eldar/elf.

  2. Oh yes, I do find Teletubbies terrifying, but theres such a thing as too frightening and some lines should never be crossed. :)
    I think he definitely needs some sort of gubbins to make him look more eclectic.

  3. I like it, and I think it is something that you could make a couple more of without them being too uniform (or too unique)

    i think that the sword is already "crude" enough, given that it has all sorts of barbs and protrusions. Just paint it a bit more rusty/dirty.

  4. Thanks glad you like it. The plan is to do three or four like this as "damned" household guard who are recent coven converts and later do a few "lost" longer term members with mutations etc. My ideas is to use the dark elf bodies as the link between all the models.