Saturday 22 June 2013

(not) 40k Art

Some non-Warhammer 40,000 art inspiration.

First a compatriot, Ashley Wood. All three pictures are from his World War Robot art books.

The link is a little NSFW

Second is John Dyer Baizley. I first came across his stuff through his band Baroness and now love his art as much as his music. He writes and plays the music, with the rest of the band, as well as doing the album covers. He is heavy metal's renaissance man.

Also a little NSFW

Hope you take something from these. Comments are always welcome and if you know some other not 40k art I'd love to see it.

 I promise to post some toy soldiers soon.



  1. Hi, extremely interesting works!

    I think I also have an artist I want to share, even though he's not a painter but a sculptor:

  2. Awesome! They both have very different, but very cool styles. I like the rough and gritty color in Ms. Wood's work and the great detail in JDB's drawings! Very cool. And good on you for giving them this outlet.

  3. Thanks, JimmyGrill. Nice stuff there. Sculpting at a level that we mere mortals can only dream of. I think I'd come across his big zombie diorama in the past. I had no idea that he'd designed the kaiju for Pacific Rim. I'm so excited to see that film: Only three weeks to wait :-)

    J.D: Woods stuff is just 40k by another name,I think. I can't look at it and not think of John Blanche and how cool it would be if Wood painted some Marines in there. I really wnat to try to use those colours on my miniatures. JDB stuff is just cool. Not sure I've worked out and of the symbolism yet but it's still cool.