Tuesday 12 April 2016

Space Punk or Inq28 Henchman Sculpt

Been busy working away on another sculpt since the last post. And played an AoS game. And been thinking about painting styles. I can show pictures of the first two but nothing has coalesced into coherent thoughts for the last yet. 

So pictures; 
The armature for the latest model. 

The base putty. 

Blocking out the legs. 

Upper body and gun. Kinda rough here. 

With a face now. 

Ah, now for the getting of cool and the 40k vibe. Visor and first shoulder pad. I'm pleased with the pads. They look like something straight out of the Inquisitor rule book. 

And this is where I was at with him as of last night. He just needs a bake before doing the hands and a few other small details. 

Now a couple of in game pictures. Many of you may not like AoS but I'm enjoying it. 
I played Dean's orcs and goblins using one of the South Coast GT scenarios and managed to pull a draw from certain victory with one bad roll. Sigh. Such is life. 

This is now happening: 

And finally a quick size comparison for Kraut Scientist: 

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  1. Oh my, I am very late to the party, but let me just say thank you for providing that scale comparison pic! The Imperial Navy Officer seems to be very delicate, but then that's also the case for the official model from GW. Anyway, I just love that guy -- he is excellent!

    The ganger is coming along very nicely as well and has a great Confrontation vibe! He does seem to be a bit narrow in the waist, though, something that is underlined by the way his armour is designed (the body actually seems to be getting narrower towards the head which seems a bit strange). In spite of such minor quibbles, however, I am in awe of your sculpting skills!