Monday 15 August 2016

In His name we purge! Deathwatch.

Good afternoon brothers, sisters, people who play Eldar and all those in between.

Today I am once again jumping on the glorious addiction that is the hobby bandwagon and have teamed up with a buddy to start a new Deathwatch force.

I intend for each of my fellas to tell a little story, for each of them to show that they all bring something unique to both their squads and the entire team.

So first and foremost, a few of my first marines, the brothers of Veteran Squad Brynjar.
See if you can guess the chapters and of course, any feedback is much appreciated.

Brother Kerberos

Brother Thrax, Black Shield of Squad Brynjar.

Thrax and Kerberos action shot! 

 Brother Rholes. (I foresee one of those shiny new Heavy Thunder Hammers right here!)

 Watch Sergeant Brynjar. (I'm waiting to buy the Veterans box before he gets another arm!)

And that's me for the night, next step, finish these 4, get them one more brother and PAINT!!

Until then, May The Emperor guide you all.

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