Wednesday 7 November 2012


Beneath The Mire came out of a Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Nine of us played every Sunday night for a couple of months in our local GW store and after a while it just petered out. I think a few of us, who form the core of BtM, were left a little unsatisfied. We imagned that the campaign would lead to great stories of battlefield valour and mighty heroes but felt that the campaign rules were too much work and got in the way.

After the campaign was finished we voted to play Necromunda and it was great but we soon ran out of hobby to do around our gangs -- there are only so many gangers you can paint before it gets old.

Then someone found the =I=munda rules and the whole 40k universe opened up to us.

The plan now is just to play some games without a formal campaign system and explore the dark and crazy corners of the far future. Letting the developing stories and our hobby inclinations take us wherever.

The God-Emperor only knows where we'll end up.

-- Richard

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