Tuesday 6 November 2012

Here we go!

So here we are, on this blog and all.

So I have played around with a little bit of converting in the past, I feel that i am a very cut and paste converter, more of a kit basher than anything else. I've never been very good with green stuff, but im comfortable with filling gaps and spacing things out, but ive never been a sculptor.
Either way, heres my latest works and the first steps towards my Inquisimunda warband.

Inquisitor WIP

Ive given him interchangable shoulders, each with a different weapon layout. The first is his Power/Daemon sword, the second is a force weapon. The star in the middle of the weapon is being replaced with an Inquisitorial I. He is being built in a pose that alludes to him floating, his more lenient approach to the warp and the things it offers will be more apparent as i add more to his structure and base him.

Daemonhost WIP.

This is another rather simple addition, although still an ongoing one. The chains are greenstuffed to the wrists, neck and right leg. If i can only figure out how to make the bugger float id be a happy man!

Thats my input for tonight, stay smart folks, but remember....

The Inquisition is always watching.


  1. DUDE! That's right, DUDE! Both of those look great. Really liking the Chaos lord...sorry inquisitor!

  2. They are sweet. I love the inquisitor. With him floating he has real "presence".

    Have you though about super gluing the chain links to make the host float? Also, are you going to 40k him up a bit with some kind of tecno stuff of just leave him bare. Great use of the model anyhow.

  3. Thanks drone! You xenos constructs ain't half bad!

    I've had a little play with the links and have started with the base. This baby will be floating in no time!

    I'm scrounging my bits for some purity seals and locks, a few from the Man at arms sprue are looking really good.

  4. You could also give the Daemonhost a tail made of wire with green stuff sculpted around it, and either have the tail touching the base, or touching some little bit of rubble/ coming out of a corpse. The tail width would accommodate a wire thick enough to support the model for sure. Also, your models are excellent!

    1. That is an awesome idea, consider that one stolen buddy!