Monday 19 November 2012

Lord Artemis Drake, Nobleman and Buccaneer

Lord Artemis Drake

A nobleman with a penchant for hunting, he set off deep into the Tau empire with his trusted servants. Collecting many new skins for his collections, he and his crew were beset upon by a herd of Krootox until at last only Drake remained wounded unto death. It was at this moment that a Kroot shaper and his scouts emerged from the forest scaring off the Krootox. Seeing in Drake a kindred spirit, the Shaper, Kor'Vas, spared his life and took him back to camp. Under increasing pressure from the elders, Kor'Vas eventually fled with Drake under the cover of darkness to travel the stars and guns for hire, although the chance to hunt game is never far from Drake's mind. They now crew with void pirates out of Ydriss.

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff. That hat is madness.

    I love the the big game hunting thing works nicely with my plans for Klein and the magos' "experiments". Also, if we play in a prison it's a chance for Drake to hunt that most dangerous of all prey -- other humans!