Monday 17 March 2014

WIP: Centurion and Legionnaire

Sometimes things just click and look right from the off. Other times not so much....

The last couple of weeks I've been wrestling with two models that I'm not all that happy with. Your opinions would be appreciated.

 First a Black Legionnaire that is too dark and has no life. Not sure what todo. Lighter loincloth thingo? More red? Less black?

 And then a late Roman republican centurion that is all kinds of "not quite right".



  1. I got nothing on the Roman, but regarding the BL Chosen, I think you need to add a bit more pop to some of the areas: The loincloth shouldn't be grey but rather a contrasting colour (dark red, for example), and the various eyes of horus need to pop more: They look pretty desaturated as is.

    Check out ElDiadblo's treatment of the same mini: I think you might get some pretty useful ideas out of that:

    Hope this helps!



    1. Yeah, that red really makes those models pop. I just found it hard to make him look nasty and dark AND interesting. I think the cloth will have to be lighter, maye a dirty flayed skin like you see on dark eldar. And I'll re-do the gems/eyes too.

      Thanks, KS