Thursday 26 September 2013

Nostalgia pt. 1

I'm not dead. Just distracted and sometimes busy. I never said that there would be regular up dates. Did I?

I've been doing a few different things over the last few weeks. I little work on the Govenor that I'm not real happy with. Some more Necromunda stuff (I picked up one of the last three eschers I need for the "full set" of twenty on eBay) And I've painted a 1000pt force of UMC for Dropzone Commander (because they are cool and I miss Epic. Not sure that I'll ever play a game of DZC but who cares really)

I've also been painting a bit of pure hobby nostalgia over the last week or so. I remember standing in a store in 1994 with my pocket money burning a hole in my pocket tossing up whether to get a blister of these Guardians or some Howling Banshees. I got the Banshees.
I think I did a better job than I could have in '94 ;-)

 It's a great old model but it makes you appreciate the stuff that is released now days. The detail on it is soft and sometimes muddled or confused. And look at those hands! 

I have half an idea of doing a full 2nd ed army like this but I don't want to be seen as one of those old farts telling kids how good it was back in the "old days", before GW became evil/ greedy/ sold out etc. While I love looking at all the "oldhammer" blogs there is a part of me that is wary of the "old stuff is better than the new stuff" way of thinking. The new eldar stuff is light years better than this. No question in my mind.

I still have all my old models and there is always eBay to fill any gaps in the collection. Maybe I'll just do a few now and again for kicks. As I said pure hobby nostalgia.


  1. Beautiful work with the yellow. Nice model, keep it up!

  2. 'While I love looking at all the "oldhammer" blogs there is a part of me that is wary of the "old stuff is better than the new stuff" way of thinking.'
    Yes, I see what you mean with this – I love the Oldhammer concept and movement, and for me the enjoyment is combining the good bits about both eras. I've been having fun recently making an updated version of Thrugg Bullneck, and love adding nods to the older stuff.
    Beautiful work on the guardian – I love the depth of clean colour you've got on the yellow in particular.

  3. Thanks guys. If anyone cares the yellow is Averland sunset shaded with a glaze of Dark Flesh and highlighted with glazes of bad moon yellow and bad moon mixed with white.

    @Apologist: That seems to be the right balance to me: a bit of the old and plenty of the new. I like the new Dark Elf warriors for example: they look a bit like the stuff from the '80s design wise but are nice modern plastics. I wouldn't want the old stuff over the new and I think that's what bothers me about the "oldhammer" movement. I guess everybody has their own "golden era" when things were best. The science-fiction writer Paul McAuley once said that if you really dig into when someone thinks the "golden era" of sci-fi was it will almost always be when what they were reading when they were 13 or 14 was written. Toy solders must be the same ;-)