Wednesday 23 April 2014

A Change Of Scale

I've always loved Epic. It was the first real table top game I played and I collected a good sized army in the '90s. I didn't paint any of it though. Now I'm going to slowly rectify that.

So, after 15 years in a box here is my newly painted Blood Angels Battle Company (with bonus Whilrwinds and a Space Marine Commander)

Next, Land Raiders.


  1. Yay for Epic! Great work, mate. They look awesome :)
    Which version of Epic are you playing?

    1. The plan would be to use the Space Marine (2nd, I think) rules but, to be honest, there is little chance of playing a game; none of my gaming group have any epic stuff. That's ok. It's a nostalgia project :-) I'm just happy to be completing one of my first hobby loves; seeing again what was great in the old days (and seeing just how good we have it now); and doing something different for awhile. Bring on the titans!