Tuesday 30 September 2014

Back In The Swing Of Things

Right, I'm back to some hobby after moving house. 

First is the sorceress more or less finished. I've gone with a minimalist polished marble for the base. The sculpt is so elegant I wanted something that reflected that and I also wanted to experiment with gloss varnish as a contrast to the matt finish of the miniature. It works but doesn't really sing.  I always admired the Rackham studios plain black bases as a way to show off the model and the marble base does much the same. It stays for now but I may come back to it.

Since getting the hobby desk set up I've been doing a little on this old plastic guardsmen. I was given some new on the spruce a few weeks back and now seemed like a good time to add one to the painted collection. 

The next projects are still brewing in my mind but an Inq28 chaos cult is the front runner at the moment. 

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