Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Hobby Shuffle or In Search Of Inspiration

So I've been kinda stalled with the cult. I'm not happy with the one I've done and it's stopped me moving onto the others. It's the pants I think. This is why the blog has been silent for so long. I've been cracking away at other hobby but I'm not sure anybody is interested in that. I certainly feel some pressure to post only Inq28 stuff here but I've only been inspired to work on other stuff. You'll have to put up with it, I'm afraid 😉

Red and black pants?

So since my last missive I've been up to all sorts. I entered the Golden Barry painting competition at Arc40k (the biggest 40k tourney in the country) and placed third in the single miniature category with my Dark Elf Sorceress and second with my Inquisitor warband in the squad comp. Not bad. The single was won by Meg Maples of Privateer Press studio fame and second was Mark Soley the last Australian Slayer Sword winner. 

Miniature painted by me, photo by Sam Benson. For more pictures of the other winners check out the Golden Barry Facebook page. 

At Arc I picked up a couple of models from the forthcoming locally produced game Twisted by Demented games (again, check them out on Facebook) I'm not really a fan of Steampunk but these models are truly exceptional. 

This is Nouveau sculpted by the mind meltingly talented Sebastion Archer. He's supposedly a take on Neo from the Matrix so I thought green would be the thing for him. After feedback from the Golden Barrys I was really trying to push my highlights and to use the dreaded "colour theory" on him. So, it's a snot green base worked up with yellow and white for highlights and shaded with blues all the way to a strong purple. Not sure I've gone far enough yet so it's another project shuffled to the side for now. 

I've also made some more headway on my Epic stuff. 

Sixty scouts and twenty terminators that just need basing. 

And some old plastic Dreadnaughts based and done. That should push me over the 4500pt mark. I keep thinking I should do some army shots for you. Next inline are three knight Paladins, six mole mortars and the banners for this big boy

I've also played -- and won, to my great suprise-- two more games of SAGA. 

These shots are from the last game where Dean was beginning to work out how to use the Anglo-Dane battle board to his advantage. Not sure how to deal with him next time. The Normans are one trick ponies and I don't think it'll take much to neutralise that trick. Still, it's a great game even when you are loosing. 

In a different vein I'd like to thank KrautScientist over at The Eternal Hunt blog for the nice words after I posted him some old stuff. Very kind, Mr KS 😊

Are these pictures better? I bought Camera+ for my phone and it seems to have made a difference. Well worth the few dollars it cost. Here are some random test shots. 

That's about it for now. If any of you care to see what I'm up to outside the Inq28 realm let me know and I'll try to be more motivated to make this a blog of my general hobby progress. 


  1. As a writer, I run into this problem all the time - you start work on something, only to get stalled and become interested in another project.

    Usually, the best solution is to push through and figure out what's not working on the current project. If you're stalled, then either your perspective or approach to the project isn't right, and your brain is telling you to try doing it differently. By looking critically at it, you can usually figure out what's not right, but sometimes you just need to move on to another project to either refresh your way of thinking and get out of the tunnel vision that's stalling you, or, you need to find inspiration somewhere else that you can bring back to the original project.

    I like your Inq28 stuff, but if it's not working for you, go do something else and come back to it with fresh eyes. You'll get more enjoyment out of it and be more productive if you're actually having fun with the hobby, and not feeling like you can only do one thing.

    1. I think yiu are right and my brain is telling me cultists are wrong and it needs a rest to work out what to do about it. Procrastination born of a feeling wrongness. (It bothers me that I'm thinking of my brain as a third party in this equation. How meta!) The plan is to work on some other stuff and see what happens. It'll be much more fun that way.

  2. 'It's the pants I think. That is why the blog has been silent for so long. ' Never was a truer word said ;p A shame to hear that your not feeling excited about Inq28, Iv'e been feeling much the same. That is to say, I haven't posted anything in 3 months.. Echoing odie, I say keep showing us what you paint, wether its from 40k or not, as long as you keep being creative and inspirational(congratulations on the award btw) I'll keep reading. Consider it a challenge to increase appreciation of models outside of Inq 28 and 40k. Both, are in places becoming stale, as the same parts are used again and again, so something fresh would, frankly, be a joy.

    1. It does feel that sometimes only way to be "fresh" in the INQ28 world at the moment is to rush out and kit bash the newest models every month. I may just be bitter, because I can't afford it :-)

      I hope you get the "inspiration" soon. Your stuff sublime. I'd love to see more.

  3. That inquisitor chappie, and the old Imperial Army lasman are simply superb,

    Well done on the award and the SAGA wins.

    I cant add much more on the motivation front other than what the lads above have already stated.

    1. Cheers, FM. The motivation thing is probably just a matter of time. I WILL come back to the cult one day. I promise.