Tuesday 31 March 2015

(Hobby) Life Goes On

Just an update. Nothing new or exciting I'm afraid. Just life, and hobby (which are one and the same IMO), continuing. 

Epic comes into its own once you have Titans stalking the battlefield, I think. No point in Epic without huge behemoths hurling ordnance capable of flattening whole cities at each other. It brings a real sense of scale. And they are just plain cool! 

I've done some more work on the Rapax Dominus. It's been slow because I've not wanted to make mistake (there are plenty) and because I've been trying to channel the late '80s/ early '90s style of eye watering brightness. The next major thing are the banners. For a hint of what I'm going for think of '80s heavy metal album covers. I'm happily humming Twisted Sister's We're Not Going To Take It as I type this.

Sixty scouts all done. These are head and shoulders taller than the tactical marines. Clearly they were made long after the other parts of the range.

Twenty terminators. They are much, much bulkier than the normal marines so they stand out nicely. 

And the current project; three Knights. The total lack of variety of these has made them a bigger challenge than I expected. The easiest way around that is to do different heraldry on each but that means lots of freehand work that I'm not really in the mood for. I've been sorting through old decal sheets tonight so that may offer a solution.

The red is much better. More martial, more honour guard. I need to nail the skin though. It'll need to be pale but also still living. Some blue-greys I'm thinking. And a bright red bionic eye to draw the viewers eye. 

It's amazing how hobby, like life, goes on without you noticing it sometimes.

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