Tuesday 7 April 2015

Knights Of Old

Three Knights done and ready for the Epic battlefields of the 41st millennium. 
If I'm honest I've never been a great fan of these designs. They come from the age in the mid-nineties of insipid mono-pose plastic models. An age that spawned the dull figures in the second edition box set and whole regiments of single cast skaven or chaos warriors. They did the job but were not that exciting once you'd painted one or two. I should say that I think the "new" 40k scale plastic knight is one of the best designs ever produced by GW. It's good to finally -- after owning them for nearly twenty years-- get these ones done. 

For my next project I've delved very deeply into my hoard and pulled out a classic that will never be bettered in my opinion. 
I'm thinking leopard skin and blue-greens with purple, red and yellow. No pink with black here! No, sir. Just pure 80's heavy metal. Need to hunt up some D-rok on YouTube now. 

Speaking of classics. Here is a model that I painted as a teenager. I saw him in White Dwarf and had to buy him on my next trip to the big smoke. This was before there was a GW in my state. I think that there was only one in the whole country. Ahh, the olden days.
I'm still pretty proud of that paint job.


  1. In spite of your misgivings about the models, those Knights really come out very well! And while I agree that the 40k version of the unit is pretty much perfectly designed, these still have quite a bit of retro charm, if judged on their own merits. One question: How tall are these models, exactly? I've recently kitbashed an Epic version of my Chaos Knight, and I would love to know whether it actually fits the scale (I fear I may have made it too tall).

    You are rightly proud of that Abaddon paintjob, btw: He looks great -- you wouldn't know from looking at the model that it was painted a rather long time ago ;)

    1. Thanks. I'm just happy that they came out alright and I didn't ruin models that I'd had for so long.

      The knights are 27mm from the bottom of the foot to the top of the back (29mm if you add the spikes) They are about the same size as a normal 40k marine. I can post a few comparison shots if you'd like.