Saturday 2 May 2015


If you haven't ever seen Yaktribe, you're missing out on what I think is the most comprehensive Necromunda resource on the entirety of the world wide webs. It's a great community with a constant stream of new resources and plenty of juicy new minis and project logs.

So I finally decided to get off my butt and enter one of these competitions i am always seeing and the entry requirements are as follows.

Build a group with at least two members of a Noble House, Brats, Servants or a Lord for Necromunda... A Made Ork, who earned his place on the hulk for Gorkamorka... or an equivalent for Mordheim - Mayor, Knight!

Plainly speaking people from The Spire or Royalty, members of a Noble House - a Lord or Lady and his / her servant or counselor. An aristocratic Hunting Party, a Trader and his retinue, something like that. Someone powerful. Something we normally don't see in our games (apart from NPCs) but wish our leaders might become.
Traders and Guilders with their retinue are also great examples.

So I decided that a cool idea is a Necromunda style bike messenger, without the bike.
Now the underhive is a pretty rough place, you know, with the constant risk of being shot in the face, so I think he might need some muscle.

I present to you, the beginnings of my underhive delivery company, The South Sump Syndicate.