Sunday 31 May 2015

Yaktribe finale

So my entry is finished, with a little time left to spare. 

So I present to you, my entry, The South Sump Syndicate. 

This is the core group, escorting the official member of the syndicate, Mister Verkehr.

Hans Kellin, keeping an eye out for any risk on the horizon. (Or any ganger who looks like he won't be missed)

His blind, yet ever present comrade, Brunhilde. 

Little Smiley, the fun loving, cigar smoking wiseass. 

Our Hero, Verkehr. 

And last, but most definitely least, fresh from the slave blocks of Lone Warren!!!
Grub the "Man" servant. 
I think of grub as something I made for the sake of it, he's a filthy and pointless little thing, but he's willing to kill at the slightest provocation and I like that in a lackey. 

So that's it from me. Let's see how the competition goes!!


  1. Awesome, awesome looking group! Little Smiley and Grub are my favourites.

    1. Thanks very much mate, the feedback is much appreciated!

      I like Grub too, but he's a filthy mutant and I don't know why the boss puts up with him!

      And if you like Little Smiley, wait till you see Big Smiley.