Sunday 7 June 2015

The Warhound and the Cult

I've got a couple of projects done since my last post. I've not had the time for much hobby sadly. Real life stuff like getting a new oven installed and an increasingly tiresome job have got in the way.

This has taken up most of that hobby time I've managed to steal. It seemed to take forever to get done. Every time I finished one thing five more loomed. The red and the stripes are air brushed. This sped up the initial colouring but it lead to lots of additional work touching up and pin washing the details. It felt a little arse about with getting the bulk of it done in a couple of nights then spending weeks on small things. 

I was very lucky to get this model. It was one of those right place right time things. I understand not many were made and that it is no longer available. 

It has turned out ok. Though I fear it may lead to a new Epic army using modern style models. White Scars on city fight bases would look great. 

And I've finally got the second two cultists with some support done. 
I'm not sure what stopped me from getting these done. I was overthinking it and they became more difficult in my mind than they needed to be.

I'm really happy with this crazy bug-eyed madman.

With the gun-servitor I really tried to add a thick patina to made it look as if it had been in use for a few thousand years and was no longer in the best condition. I imagine a heretical cult has to make do with whatever it can get its hands on.

All self respecting cults need a subject for their veneration. 

Inspired by this little bit of progress I've raided the bits box and come up with this "blessed" cultist.

Don't know about him, as others have suggested, he may be too much like a He-Man villain. Options and ideas are always welcome.



  1. Great to see some more quality work coming from Oz.

    I think your cultists look great and while I can see why the blessed cultists gives off a He-Man vibe I think he'll fit right in with the others once he's painted up.

    Keep up the good work and I hope real life eases up on you soon. That guy can be such a bother.

    1. Thanks.

      I think you are dead right about him fitting in once he's painted. I just need to find the time to gte back to the hobby desk now.

      I hope real life eases off too but I don't hold up much hope of that. I'm just happy that there is toy soldiers to keep me sane.