Wednesday 6 January 2016

Furious Northman Completed

I did the final bake on this bloke last night. I'm pretty happy with his musculature but the pose isn't right. It's too static and looks awkward. With the next sculpt -- in about a third of the way done so pictures soon-- I've played more attention to the armature and it is much better.

I feel like I'm beginning to get the feel for this sculpting game and have good idea of where and how to improve. I just need to make many, many more models to sharpen my skills. Stay tuned for more :-)


  1. Quite nice work, but as you say the pose needs work. Now that you are more comfortable with the sculpting part, maybe some preliminary sketch work is in order?

    1. Absolutely! Much more planning is needed. I've found it difficult to make things up on the go. It's made me realise that good, detailed concept pictures speed up the process and lead to a better result.

      Pencils are now at the ready! It's just a pitty I'm not much of a draftsman 😕