Thursday 23 January 2014

The Governor Returns Finished

I think I showed this off months ago but now it's done. I think... Spent the last week re-sculpting the "hat".

I think it's turned out well. He's based on the great JB picture of a High Lord of Terra in the Codex Imperialis (p14 for those of you playing at home) but is far less bad-arse. I wanted him to look confused and scared like he'd been ripped from his throne room and found himself on a battlefield or fought over by factions of the inquisition. Frail and worn-down was what I was going for.

My plan is to cast him at some point and paint a copy -- not sure that I have the guts to paint the original.

Comments welcome.



  1. I immediately knew where your inspiration came from when I saw the bizarre hat. And I was right ;) He looks great! Have you considered selling some copies if you cast him? I would be interested in one

  2. Thanks, Alexander. It's one of those JB pictures that has always stuck in my mind. I'm glad that you think the model does it some justice.

    I'm not sure about selling it: I don't really own the IP. Maybe we can work something out though ;-) First I have to cast it. I've never cast anything before so it could be a disaster. I'll post a WIP one way or the or the other.

  3. I fully understand your hesitation. If however you do cast an extra copy and would be willing to part with it let me know. You can find me on the Ammobunker with the same name and pretty face :)

    1. I'll drop you a line once it's done. You'll see me blogging about it so if you don't hear from me just shout out again :-)