Sunday 19 January 2014

Game 2: Muties Gone Wild

We played our second full game of Inquisitor today. We're still working out the rules (rules last remember) but I think everybody had fun.

Before the shooting

Sam's ( mechanicus and squat inquisitor and Dean's hillbilly muties duked it out over the right to capture an astropath that had been having strange dreams and prescient visions. Zen and I took control of Astropath Killan and some tank crew under his mind control. In the end the muties dragged the squat, astropath and the mechanicus back to their lair. What they are planning to do with them is best not thought about. (If you have seen Diliverance you'll have a pretty good idea though)

A tanker in the thrall of the astropath Killan advances under the nose of the inquisitor

The muties move in on the mechanicus before he (it?) realises that naval guns are not guns in the belly button or actually all that good.

The next game looks set to be a rescue mission with Sam vowing to bring out the big guns to get back his boys.

Did I miss anything, guys?


If anyone is interested this is the lead up text that I sent out before the game:

>>Route: XXXXXXXX – Aix B5653za—Levant IC354a<<
+++Includes intercepeted analasiss+++

+++InqApha and above only+++
+++Annalysed: KP++++

My Lord,
I have sent you this message as part of our pre-existing agreement. I hope that it reflects well on me in your eyes and goes some way in redeeming me.

I have been tasked with putting down the vile Quintine backed rebellion on Levant. In that capacity I am in command of the Omer 5/10th Amoured Company. In recent days my informers have been appraising me the strange condition of the units attached astropath. (As I’m sure you know, all Omer regiments now have an astropth assigned by order of the Omer Defence Squad to facilitate a speedy recall in case of another tyranid attack on that world) The astropath in question, Ty Bannor Killan, has been experiencing prescient dreams and is said to be manifesting elements from these in the waking world. His condition is thought to be worsening.

I have ordered the Omer 5/10th, and Killan, away from the fighting and are currently enroute to Bakresh and the off-world port there. At your request I will apprehend Killan and forward him to you.

Your humble servant,

General (primus) Duke Tollmesh Sol of Shile

+++Inq notes+++ My Lord: the rebellion on Levant does not seem to be of Quintine origin. It appears to be an internal Shileite conflict that Sol is not privy to. It could be speculated that the conflict is aimed at Sol himself but, as of yet, there have been no evidence to that effect. The cause of Killan’s disorder is unknown but probably unlinked to the Levantine conflict or our primary quarry. I would advise your Lordship to take up Sol’s offer and take the astropath into our custody. It is surely better that he is destroyed than fall into the Sun’s (or Son’s) hands or worse into the hands of an inquisitorial rival. --KP +++


The scenario had three tankers come on from one table edge with the astropath secretly with one of them. As the players came close to the tankers they made a Sg tests to detect where the astropath was. The tankers by themselves were just taken out of play once he was found.

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