Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Devout & The Alien

So three new members of Klein's retinue.

Father Artemis Sline: Klein's personal confessor. He is know to exploit his position to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh and has a particular love of seafood from Oblast. He carries The Myriad Syns in which Klein records the crimes of those who appose him.

Redeemer Ryzhko: Once high-ranking Necromundian Redemptionist cultist but gave up his position to take his crusade against all things unholy to the stars. He take particular pleasure in the use of flame to "teach".

The Sanctioned Ur-Cephalopod from the Tarkine Expanse: How or why this alien was recruited/ coerced/ trained is a mystery. It is know to be an extremely powerful telekine at short ranges. Note the Inquisitional seal nailed to its shell and the seal affixing the Sanctioned Xenos Import papers authorised on Holy Terra itself.

I think I may have said that I'd be a while retuning to Inq28 stuff. Clearly you can't trust a thing I say.

The two devout are nice simple conversions that took no time and were just fun to do. The Ur-Cephalopod was fairly simple too (I just had to make the tenticles -- the pod is a sea urchin shell I got on a seaside holiday) With it I wanted to make something really alien and weird to show Klein's radical nature and something that you wouldn't seen in a 40k army.

We've also had out first game of Inq28. I GM'd a tussle between Sir K (played by Cadaver Junkie) and Commissar Skulthorpe (played by Mike T) and two cultists (played by Servitor 775). It was great to roll some D10s again and better to see that everybody had fun. There are plans for more games in the new year.

This was the short after battle report that circulated to the rest of the Beneath The Mire crew:
Klein is not happy and has vowed never to send boys to to men's work again after Skulthorpe and Sir K failed to uncover any useful information from two cultists. All that is know is that they are called the Fabled Sun (or Son) and are recruiting workers in cells. By the time Klein returned to the location where the cultists were captured any physical evidence of their plans or affiliation was gone.

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