Saturday 14 November 2015

Whole Miniature sculpt: Part 3

Ok, just a quick update date today. I'll try to do a more comprehensive rundown early in the week once I can get back to my regular computer.  

Arms and vest just about done. Needs more tidying before moving onto the head and hands. Debating baking it before moving onto those. 

You'll have all guessed what it is by now. I just hope that I'm doing the original Jes sketches justice. 


  1. This is looking really promising so far! An excellent level of detail, and the pose looks very natural -- it's going to be a Necromunda Orlock ganger, right? At least that's the feeling I got during your second update...

    Keep up the amazing work! :)

  2. Spot on! I always thought that the concepts for the Orlocks were cooler than the models. Not that the Perrys did a bad job but the Jes sketches were fantastic. Same with the Van Saars.

  3. Looking fantastic man, keep up the good work!

    Hope you can keep up the pace as well, you're just powering through this.

    1. Cheers! I feel like it is going very slowly. This week has been especially bad with all kinds of sickness around the house. The next post maybe a little light on progress, I'm afaid.