Monday 23 November 2015

Whole Miniature Sculpt: Part 4.

This is an up-date post. I'm still working away at it and it's coming along quite nicely. I had planed a long how to post on sculpting faces but found it very hard to get good pictures. I'll do such a post another time when I can really make it good. Sorry. I'm happy to answer any questions...  

This was a test face that I did just to make sure I still knew what I was doing. It worked out ok. Note that it is about half again 32mm toy soldier scale. About 8mm. Big but not huge. 

And this is where the orlock is at. I'm going to sharpen details and sort out a few issues before the first (terrifying) bake late in the week. Then it will just be the hands, details (chains, studs, armour plates etc) and the loin cloth to go. 

I think it may just turn out ok. What do you reckon? ;-)


  1. The head looks great. I love using Sculpy, but I'm really impressed that you've gotten that kind of built-up detail and layers of form without doing intermittent bakes to solidify the structures underneath the little details. Nice work.

    1. I've not really had any problem building up the layers. Sure, there is some deforming of the lower layers as you as add others but I've found it easy enough to fix those problems. The biggest issue with not baking as I go is the risk of dropping it on his face or putting my thumb in it. I feel like the advantage of being able to change anything as I go is worth it though.